AJTS is an Information Technology Global Consulting Company specializing in the delivery of dependable and comprehensive IT Solutions. Since its inception in 2019 AJTS has proved itself and consistently provided a full range of IT Business Consulting Services. AJTS provides IT Business Solutions for Contracting,Construction, Transportation Industries, Vehicle and PLeasing-Marine Logistics-Manufacturing-Supply Chain Management, Hospitality, Retail and Infrastructure-Data Centers, Software Licensing Business Process Analysis and re engineering etc. We have a pretty straightforward motto:” Provide the Best IT Solutions with Superior Level of Service at the Most Affordable Cost” in pursuit of this mission AJTS has divided its internal structure into Client Need Assessment- Selection, Procurement, Supply, Installation, Enhancement, Maintenance, and Support.

AJTS is one of the most active ERP System Implementers besides having strategic business alliances with the leading IT Hardware,Networking and Software Solutions leaders. We offer you the latest technology and the most cost effective Hardware and Software IT solutions. AJTS employs an experienced team of well-informed project managers and technical engineers whose combined knowledge and practical experience in this fast moving and rapidly changing industry gives us an unparalleled advantage over our competitors.